Replication, SQL Server Administration

Configure Transactional Replication

go This document describes the steps required to configure transactional replication between two SQL Server instances initialized using database backup. Transaction replication can be initialized by a snapshot or database backup. In case of large databases, initializing via snapshot may take longer than expected. Therefore, it’s better to initialize the replication via backup. Step 1: Configure Distribution Wizard The first step…

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The SQLServerGeeks Community is a community portal on Microsoft SQL Server, an RDBMS product from Microsoft. SQL Server is key component of Microsoft’s Data & Business Intelligence Platform strategy. I have been associated with SQLServerGeeks since 2012 and am the current board member and Vice President of SQLServerGeeks. Community Initatives I have written over 150+ blog post for Click here for the blog…

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Accidental DBA 100+ Tips and Tricks
SQL Server Administration

Accidental DBA Series Are you an Accidental DBA? Consider yourself as an accidental DBA If you manage SQL Server with DBA not being your primary profile. You are only interested in getting work done such as troubleshoot adhoc SQL Server problems, maintaining SQL Server databases and then get back to your primary role of a Network Admin or Database developer. If you fall into this… Continue Reading
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

My MVP Journey

ihk speed dating sachsen It was third year of my career, year 2009. I was working as a database administrator, supporting a web based ERP with databases hosted on SQL Server 2005. Work was good and I was discovering things. I was the only DBA in the team. I didn’t get much exposure to database administration in the initial two years of my career. I…

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