My MVP Journey

It was third year of my career, year 2009. I was working as a database administrator, supporting a web based ERP with databases hosted on SQL Server 2005. Work was good and I was discovering things. I was the only DBA in the team. I didn’t get much exposure to database administration in the initial two years of my career. I used to get help from senior developers, nevertheless, most of the aid came from online forums, blogs and books. And then, like most DBAs getting help from the community, I also decided to contribute to the community.

My first article was for on index management. The entire article submission helped me a great deal. You can check out the article here It was an incredible feeling. I enjoyed every piece of it, the discussions, corrections and the appreciation. The feeling grew more when one of my colleague referred me to my own article “Ahmad, have a look at this. We can implement something like this in our environment”.

I began contributing to blogs, however, I wanted to get to the next stage and become linked up with a SQL user group. At that time, there were dozens of SQL Communities and user groups in the US and Europe, however, I hardly found any SQL User Groups or communities in India. I got across a bunch of individual bloggers, just didn’t encounter a SQL User group in India. I put up a query on asking if a user group exists in India or not. You would be surprised to know who replied to the forum post.

Later on two years of posting the question, Sarabpreet S Anand, the former SQLServerGeeks board member, replied mentioning

This was on January 25, 2012. Without wasting much time, I got in touch with Sarabpreet S Anand and Amit Bansal, the human who needs no introduction in the SQL world. I published my first article for SQLServerGeeks.Com on 5th February 2012 and presented my first session for on 6th May 2012. I still remember my first SQLServerDay. It was such an honor to share the stage with Amit Bansal.

Since then, I have participated as speaker in 25+ SQLServerDays (SQLServerGeeks in person event) and am among top bloggers on with 150+ blogs. I got ample of help from Sarab and Amit and am thankful to Sarab for answering my forum post on

The attempt didn’t go unnoticed. I was awarded SQL Server MVP by Microsoft on 2nd July 2015. A recognition beyond comparison and a milestone in my career. Year 2015 had been very spoiled so far. I lost my dad on 8th June 2015. The MVP award gave a sense of vigor to me and my family and helped us recover from the grief.

A great thanks to Microsoft, SQLServerGeeks, Sarab and Amit. It couldn’t have come in much better time. A big thanks to family and friends who have helped me in my MVP journey.

SQLServerGeeks has come a long way and has matured a lot as a community. SQLServerGeeks has given 4 SQL Server MVP out of 7 in India. This isn’t the end, we have only begun. SQLServerGeeks is bringing you the first and the only SQL Server conference in Asia, SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015.

Taking part in the Summit is the SQL Server Product Team, SQL CAT and top notch SQL speakers from around the world. Just imagine the atmosphere with 1000 SQL Geeks listening to keynote from T.K. “Ranga” Rengarajan (Corporate Vice President, Data Platform, Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft Corp). Awesome is what I can say for today.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity, be a part of one of the largest SQL Server community “Modernizing the data platform”. You don’t know when you will get another chance to meet such an amazing list of SQL Stalwarts. Register and grow with the community. If I can do it, you can do it too.

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